7 Best Camera Sensor Cleaning Kits

Most DSLR cameras come with automatic sensor cleaners. Sensor cleaning is not a difficult job by itself; however, a simple error can result in a huge camera equipment loss.

A sensor is like the heart of the camera, so you have to be very careful when cleaning your camera sensor. The automatic function that is included within most DSLR cameras works by vibrating your sensor to shake off any debris or dust particle that may have stuck on the sensor.

Sometimes this may not be enough, and you may find yourself in a situation where you will have to physically clean the sensors. And this is when you will need a good sensor cleaning kit.

Best Camera Sensor Cleaning Kits

camera sensor cleaning kit
Typical content of a camera sensor cleaning kit
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Again, we would like to remind you, while this is not a difficult job, and there are many products on the market that could do a good job, but with how delicate this process can be, we advise that you buy a good product. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 7 best camera sensor cleaning kits that you can buy right now.

  1. UES DSLR or SLR Digital Camera Cleaning Swab for APS-C Sensors,

The UES Cleaner set is targeted at 16mm APS-C Sensors. The set comes with 12 swabs, which should last you long enough. If you have been shooting in a clean environment, then your sensor is probably clean.

Only clean your sensors if you start seeing spots on your pictures. But, check your lens first. The swabs use alcohol-free cleaning liquid, which is safe for the sensor. The bottle contains 15ml of cleaning liquid. The swabs also have a flexible handle, so the pressure you apply to the sensor is not going to be too much for the sensor.

  1. Eyelead Professional Camera Sensor Cleaning Kit

This German-made sensor cleaning kit is a dry cleaning kit. As it does not use any liquid, you can use this if you are apprehensive about other wet cleaning solutions.

This Eyelead product uses an adhesive rubber head with a high viscosity. It can effectively remove all dust and dirt from the sensor of your camera. Apart from the cleaning stick, it comes with viscous paper to clean the dust-sticking bar before reusing.

The product works well for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus cameras. It comes with a protective case as well. Do not use this product on Sony Mirrorless Cameras. Sony uses a special coating that is not compatible with this product.

  1. Altura Photo Professional Camera Sensor Cleaning Kit

The sensor cleaning kit from Altura Photo is an all-rounder. You get a lot in the package. The sensor cleaning swabs are designed to absorb and sweep away invisible particles and smudges.

The kit is compatible with APS-C sensors. Apart from the sensor cleaning rods, you get other items to clean your lens, and the entire camera. This cleaning kit comes with a bigger bottle that contains a 60ml cleaning solution. It also has a travel kit that helps you store all your items properly.

  1. Movo Deluxe Essentials DSLR Camera Cleaning Kit

The camera lens cleaning kit from Movo Deluxe is also a package solution for your camera cleaning needs. It comes with sensor cleaning rods, a brush, and a lot of other items like a blower and tissues, that help you clean your lens and the exterior of your camera.

The package contains a Tin-Oxide Camera Sensor Cleaner Liquid designed for APS-C Sensor Cleaning. There are 10 swabs that come with the kit. In addition, you would get items like a lens pen and a cleaning brush.

Other cleaning kits do not come with a brush, so this is a plus with this kit. It also comes with a carrying kit to keep all your cleaning items in one place.

  1. KuuZuse Professional DSLR Camera Cleaning Kit

The KuuZuse Kit is also a full camera cleaning kit that includes the cleaning swabs for your camera’s  APS-C sensor. The swabs come in two sizes: 16mm and 24mm. So you can get this and use it for sensors for different sizes.

The swabs are used in combination with the lens cleaner fluid, as with any other cleaning swabs, to safely remove any dirt and debris from your APC-S or APS-C sensor. The kit comes loaded with other items that will help you keep your camera clean. And of course, it all comes with a nice little storage bag.

  1. UES Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning Swabs

If you would rather just buy the tools to clean your sensor, and you already have other items of camera care, then you can opt for UES’s pack of sensor cleaning swabs.

The reason we have included this in the list is that UES produces good products, and these are the bare essentials that will help you clean your camera sensor. The kit is compatible with APS-C type sensors.

Every sensor cleaning swab comes sealed in a vacuum package.  The package includes 14 pieces of 16mm Sensor Cleaning Swabs for APS-C Sensors and a 15ml Sensor Cleaner.

If you are on the hunt for cleaning swabs for a full-frame camera, then we recommend UES Professional Full-Frame Camera Sensor Cleaning Kit.

  1. Visible Dust EZ Sensor Cleaning Kit

This sensor cleaning kit from Visible Dust is a reliable product. The cleaning swabs will work with 16 mm APS-C sensors.  You get 5 swabs per kit, and they have even patented the design of the cleaning swabs as Vswabs.

The kit comes with two types of liquid, though the bottles are rather small: 1.15 ml per bottle. One liquid formula is called VDust Plus Formula, it is designed to clean away water and most oil stains.

The other sensor cleaning solution is best used on water-based stains and light dust contamination. The sensor liquid also has dust repellent properties and anti-fogging capabilities.

Choose your cleaning kit for the type of sensor and camera that you have. Get a kit that comes with swabs for both 16 mm and 24 mm sensors.

If you do not have any cleaning kits at home, then we recommend that you get a full kit that comes with other items that help you clean the lens, and the camera screen as well. But, if you have no need for a full kit, you can choose from one of the smaller kits we have listed above.

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